About Us

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of parties done throughout the years, we combine professionalism along with high energy, memorable events. No matter what type of party you are having, we can make your affair one that is talked about for years to come. With professional DJ's and MC's, current industry standard equipment and fresh ideas and concepts, we give you the best show humanly possible.

Our staff is dedicated to putting 110% into every event. If you were to compare our equipment alone to our competitors, you would be shocked to know that our equipment is far more advanced in all aspects. It's not the obvious things that make us better. It's all the little details that we put into your event that makes them memorable and make the complete difference. For example, anyone can bring out some party lights and plug them in and let them run randomly. We have over 60 hours of programming into each light show to make sure that we have full control of the lighting at all times to fit the mood of your event. This is just one example how we go up and beyond on every event.

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Serving the Carolinas with entertainment, lighting and sound for the past 10+ years.